Stacks Worth checking


Allow folks to share your website easily or allow them to view your social profiles! Responsive to any screen size, beautiful CSS animations, and over a dozen social services!


Adds stylish responsive labels to your images, with support for over half-a-dozen positions and several hover fx!


Switchr allows you to have either accordion or tabbed content. Multiple instances, responsive, and it’s customizability make Switchr a powerful stack


An HTML5 video player. Wait, it’s not that simple! Playr is: responsive, versatile and highly customizable. It will work with both responsive and non-responsive environments.


An HTML5 audio player with dozens of themes and customizable features. It’s responsive and cross-browser supported.


Puts a responsive Instagram feed with a lightbox on your website with loads of options and functionality.


Gives you control over each corner of your image – there are dozens of possibilities! It can also make your images responsive.


This useful tool makes all forms of embeds, responsive! Maps, videos, iframes – you name it!


Rotates any type of content in a responsive manner. Lots of options make this a useful and functional stack!


A super easy-to-use responsive image lightbox with 2 key features: keeping image proportion when resizing and swiping to navigate.


Redirects users of ancient browsers to a website/webpage you specify. Keep a version for them and a version for…normal people.


Changes the selection color on your page. Great for enhancing and making you website unique!


PlayListr is an HTML5 audio playlist stack. The design is sleek and has a smooth feel. It’s responsive, cross-browser and very versatile. It works in both responsive and non-responsive environments.

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