Mac Apps You Should know about

The Mac belongs to the world’s most versatile and powerful machines available today.

Your Mac comes with so many great features that it’s practically impossible to understand each and every single possibility it features.

From adding emoji to all of your messages to effortless taking screen shots, there’s so much more included in and possible with your Mac than you’d ever dreamed possible!.

Making a Screenshot

With your Mac, you can make pretty awesome screenshots, and you can do so in three ways with your Mac:

  • Command + Shift + 4 – this way you will get a crosshair which you then can drag using your mouse so you can capture precisely what you would like to.
  • Command + Shift + 4 – all the same but then let them go, and hit the Spacebar. Then you’ll be able to click on any desired window and take a screenshot of precisely that entire window, and shadows are included.
  • Command + Shift + 3 – you do this if you want to take a screenshot of your entire desktop’s screen. You’ll have a file for each connected display.

How Do I Make a Quick Apple Icon?

To make an Apple icon, just hit Option + Shift + K. This is quick and easy. You can use the Apple icon in emails, text messages,  Word documents, and in practically anything where you use a keyboard for.

How to Delete Files quickly

The only thing you need to do select the file you want to delete, and then then hit the Command + Delete. The file will be moved to your computer’s trash. In case you want to quickly empty all trash, just hit the keys Command + Shift + Delete and when you approve to empty, no more files will be there.

Use your Mac’s Dictation

This is really true! Your Mac is actually capable of taking dictations which will make your writing darn easy. This fantastic feature works already pretty good right out of the box, but when you would have any extra space left on your computer’s hard drive, do an update quickly update to come up with near-seamless dictations.

Productivity apps are really great things to work with. It doesn’t matter whether you use your Mac for productivity purposes or not, but one thing is sure, we all can benefit from getting an optimized work flow in our professional or personal lives The Mac App Store is nowadays offering so many different applications involving productivity and security, so it’s easier than ever before to fill your Mac.


Much bigger impediment of your productivity than having a slow computer are distractions. Sure, noisy rooms and television shows may be obvious causes to distract you, but there is an issue that more severely even impacts your productivity, and that is ‘lack of structure’. If you don’t have a strict schedule to get things done, you’ll be more susceptible for distracted and for pushing tasks ahead for later.

A good solution against this sort of procrastination is Pomodoro. Your working productive working improves when you will assign a specific duration to each activity, but please allow time for breaks. The Pomodoro system works with increments and will let you hold your focus and attention for longer periods of time.

Use CrossPost

Using CrossPost will reduce the time you’re spending on social networks. You will have more time to get things done. CrossPost is allowing you to post to witter and Facebook simultaneously with one simple click.

Clear Task Manager

Clear is actually a task manager that will take all the mess out so you can keep tasks organized. The Clear application,  similar to the iOS app, makes use of gestures to check off or create tasks and will not allow too many options yell at you at once.

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