Best Mac Apps for Designers & Students

apps-930x635It is generally understood that OS X is a great popular platform for many web designers. It is offering a phenomenal variety professional software for designing, developing, managing, and publishing quality websites.

Regardless whether you want to be using an all-in-one environment for the design of your websites, or tat you prefer to use some other applications, there’s always a cool tool that will suit you perfectly well. Take a look at a few apps that are available at the OS X platform.

This post is about Mac apps for designers and for students.

Apps for Designers

  • Billings – This is a perfect tool for managing all of your clients’ details ans for billing, tracking payments, and receipts.
  • iCal – together with OS X, iCal is offering an inexpensive and simple to track projects and their deadlines. Email reminders come in handy, too!
  • RapidWeaver – This app is the undisputed king for visual web design on OS X. RapidWeaver comes with a very extensive community and creates numerous excellent themes.
  • Adobe – This is the daddy of all design suites, and includes Illustrator and Photoshop – two essential apps if you want to design graphics for the web.
  • Keynote – This app ifs often overlooked, but Keynote creates astounding charts and diagrams which will just be a simple screenshot away from looking fantastic and brilliant on your websites.
  • ScreenFlow – In case you’re thinking about using a screencast on a website, ScreenFlow is definitely worth every cent. The app can record your screen/audio/webcam simultaneously, and includes many great and useful editing tools.
  • Audacity – This is a great open-source app for editing your website and encoding audio on various different formats.
  • Transmit – This is probably the best known FTP app for the Mac, and with good reason!  Transmit packs a lot of functionality and the app is really notoriously well-designed.
  • Dropbox – Dropbox is a great tool to keep an off-site backup of all your important files and documents, and it’s also very good to keep multiple computers in sync.

Well, I hope I’ve included most of the apps you can use to cover all areas you web designers come across, and that there’s enough variety of apps for each designer.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working on a massive budget or that you need to work on a shoestring, there’s nothing to hold you back from creating the most wonderful websites if you use a combination of the software mentioned above.

Apps for students

If you have a Mac and you’re wondering how to best use it for your studying purposes, be aware that using your Mac is actually a great tool to help you out with your studies.

Included in this post are a few awesome Mac apps that are fantastic to help you accomplish you goal. Apple is really a front runner on the applications market, and offers numerous apps for you Mac to support your education. The hardest part is probably figuring out which apps are most appropriate for your study so here we list the best Mac apps for college.


A college education usually comes with lots of assignments, tests, and other schedules that may become a pain in your butt. Sometimes you may even miss out on a deadline or get pushed for time to finish your papers. Therefore, iProcrastinate is the best, and very necessary, Mac app for college students. iProcratinate works with schedules, step by step tracking, class flicker, and so on.


This app allows you to hold the Wikipedia database on your mobile device. Students may often be required to do some research on certain topics, or they may just want to know something new. Well, with this fantastic Mac app, all the content of Wikipedia is available on your mobile device, so you can simply browse through the entire database of Wikipedia.

Evernote for Mac

For university or college students, Evernote is really one of the best available Mac apps. The app allows a student to take notes during lectures and share this information with their friends, or make them share their notes when they are absent.

I’m pretty sure I’ve not included all fantastic applications, so please share more information on Mac apps in the comments.

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