Apps For College Students

images-29One of the facts of our modern times is that most probably you won’t be able find a college student who doesn’t use innovative apps and gadgets today. What’s also true is that students are using their different mobile devices and applications not just for communication and entertainment, but also for studying.

Both Android and Apple have provided numerous apps and programs for college and university students which can be very useful and informative for students who want to boost their studying process and keep up with the times.

All students are probably aware of all the different applications that will fit their needs best, and there are also a few mobile ‘helpers’ that no student should be living or doing without.

Mailbox Outlook

Some students have frequent troubles with their email. Some students get frustrated to control their inbox because it is lacking some key features. There’s a great solution, so just download Mailbox Outlook to the mobile device you’re using and do away once and for all with these problems.


Generally, college students want to keep their eyes on the ball and know everything that’s going on. The problem is that they have so many deadline to meet, they all have a part-time job. Essays are often overdue, and there are so many exams they need to prepare for, and so on. Well,  Feedly is a great help for you to deal with this sort of problems.

Feedly is definitely one of the best available RSS aggregators, and it allows you to consolidate all your news right into one feed. The only thing you have to do is check the news you want to receive, and receive a notification each time something interesting is up.


CliffNotes is the perfect app for those students who are studying literature and are required to write papers about the things they’ve been reading. CliffsNotes is a great app that not only provides information about every plot, character, or theme, but it also offers great summaries of all the books you read.

There’s also an audio version available so you have the chance to listen to all information at work or during walks or workouts, and get ready in an easy way for your literature tests


Students should really try Mathway. This is a fantastic mobile application that guides you step-by-step through your searches geometry, algebra, or some other math solution. Sure, your math homework or math tests are quite challenging, and Mathway is a great help when it comes to finding the right answer.


Many college students are easily distracted which causes problems with their studying process. Often they can’t live properly without their social networks, and they continuously seem to need to share their moods with the entire world during lectures, or check out their friends’ new photos on Facebook.

Well, the application SelfControl was created to avoid exactly such distractions. The app will block certain websites that may distract students from studying, and does so for a specifically set period of time.


If you’re among the lucky students who are studying foreign languages, you definitely need to get hold of Duolingo. This app is a great help for learning new words, it will get you all set for tests and exams, and it comes with various tasks to help you improve your skills and knowledge. Duolingo can be downloaded for free, and available for Android and Apple devices.


Did you lose your wallet already on campus, and be honest, how many times? Well, while you’re still thinking, check out this great app, the LifeLock. This great application will help you to get no more in this sort of unpleasant situations, or allows you to find your wallet back quickly, at least. LifeLock lets you identity theft protection, and it is sure to become the best mobile wallet you’ve ever had.

These are a few great and cool apps for students to have in their mobile devices. If you know of any other useful apps we didn’t list, please don’t forget to share them with us, and for security tips, check out this post.

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