What Are Stacks and What is RapidWeaver

First the short explanation:screen800x500
RapidWeaver is a great, relatively simple, tool to build websites for users of Apple computers, and Stacks are plugins to use for RapidWeaver software. Stacks will add additional functionality to your website design.

How to become a web designer

It is generally understood that OS X is a great popular platform for many web designers. It is offering a phenomenal variety professional software for designing, developing, managing, and publishing quality websites.

To become a designer you don’t need to be to be in school for a million years, you’ll need experience to become a software developer/designer so why don’t you prepare online and take the GED test. You will have a degree that’s equivalent to a high school diploma and plenty of experience.

Web Design
A long time ago, there was a small program for Apple users called iWeb. Remember iWeb? It was a program that allowed you to build simple websites on Apple computers easily and quickly. Then Apple moved to iCloud, and they also very quietly removed iWeb, which created a huge problem for people that just needed a simple ready-to-use tool for building websites.

Comes in RapidWeaver a web design and development application for the Mac that has a flat learning curve. RapidWeaver is developed by Realmac Software, and it allows you to build stunning, professional websites in an easy way.

RapidWeaver is a great tool for first-time website designers but targets experienced and professional web designers who want to be juggling with code. What’s great is that for individuals who have no coding experience, the app allows you to build your web pages fully code-free. So you can build your entire website without using one single line of code.

RapidWeaver is, just like iWeb, theme-based, but the app’s templates themselves are far more stable than those used for iWeb, which came with a tendency to break in case you did nor exactly follow Apple’s instructions.

RapidWeaver lets you, in its most basic form, build Contact Forms, Calculators, Blog Pages, File Sharing Pages, iFrames, Movie Albums, Photo Albums, Offsite Pages, QuickTime Pages, Site Maps, Styled Text, and even pure HTML Pages for those people who are preferring to juggle around with code. The app comes with eleven different page types.

The first and the most well-known app has been a salary calculator app, used widely by many websites. It was later adopted by  other applications and CMS systems. This stack allows a simple input and calculates few different options.

calculator-app source: mycareertools.com

Calculator App example

Once you chose a Theme, the page you’re working on will positions itself continuously within that theme, and if you don’t want to within that theme after a while, just exchange it with another theme with just a simple click of your mouse.

You can choose from more than 45 themes that range from from business pages to very playful designs. And in case you’re tired the standard themes of If you tire of RapidWeaver, you can find more than 200 professional themes offered by various web developers.

All your posts and pages will automatically be linked to the menu bar of the theme and if you change a page or post’s name, all links your website are updated automatically.

Working with RapidWeaver doesn’t require you to anything about coding, as RapidWeaver will generate the code for you,  based on your website’s content.

In case you do want to add some code (like a Facebook button), however, you only need to paste it in to let RapidWeaver place it with your existing content automatically.

This way you can build a professionally looking website amazingly quickly and you can published everything online if you use the built-in publishing tool.

Sure, RapidWeaver is already offering a lot more than iWeb was, but if you want to include some less basic-looking pages in your website, you can choose from over one thousand add-on’s and plug-ins offered by external developers for RapidWeaver,  This really allows you to create anything you’d like, from a Flickr gallery to an eCommerce store.

The Best Stacks:


RapidLink is a fine little plugin that will manage all your digital downloads and payments.

Stacks 2

Stacks 2 in enabling you to build your web pages flexibly and easily. You can drag and drop Stacks very easily from the Stacks folder, use it to add or remove content according to your wishes.


The plugin RapidViewer enables you to share your content and documents easily and automatically with visitors to your web site.